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June  2023   Issue Vol. 11  No. 8 

A Deep Dive into Generative AI and ChatGPT-3
ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. But there is a lot more happening in the world of AI. We take a look at that, and also peek into the strengths and a few shortcomings of ChatGPT-3.

Making a Difference with Generative AI
Everyone seems to be using ChatGPT for something or the other. Here, our experts suggest some serious, game-changing applications that the technology can be put to—and the pitfalls to avoid.
Power in Your Hands:Running Local Large Language Models for AI Brilliance
This step-by-step guide provides a good understanding of the Dalai Library and how to get started with the LLaMA and Alpaca language models on your own machine. Once you have done that, the applications are limited only by your imagination.
A Quick Look at Free Platforms and Libraries for Quantum Machine Learning
Quantum computing, due to its ability to calculate at an immense speed, has the potential to solve many problems that classical computers find difficult to address. Quantum machine learning or QML is a new field that explores the intersection between quantum computing and machine learning. Several libraries and platforms facilitate the development of QML algorithms and applications. A few popular ones are discussed in this article.
An Introduction to MLOps
There is virtually no industry segment that is untouched by machine learning today. However, with the rapid growth of machine learning based projects, there is the need to build a process and system to manage them. This is where MLOps (machine learning operations) comes in.
AI: Beyond Python
In this final article of the 12-part series on AI, we will briefly review the topics covered thus far and suggest how to continue improving our skills. Additionally, we will discuss the main topics that were not adequately covered in the series and offer guidance on how to master them. However, the primary focus of this article will be on programming languages, other than Python, that are widely used for developing machine learning-based applications.
Implementing a CNN Deep Learning Model with TensorFlow
Deep learning has impressive data learning and prediction capabilities, making it very useful for a wide range of industries. TensorFlow is a popular open source library for deep learning applications because it is versatile, scalable, and can integrate with other tools. This article demonstrates how to implement a convolutional neural network (CNN) model with TensorFlow.
Use AIOps to Make Your Enterprise Agile
Artificial intelligence for IT operations or AIOps is a boon for the modern day enterprise. Read on to find out its benefits, and get to know the popular AIOps platforms.
How Amazon’s Services can Ensure You Don’t Miss Your Flight
Large airports and long queues can sometimes put even the most disciplined passenger at the risk of missing a flight. Amazon has a range of AI and MLbased services that can be used at airports to ensure that passengers who reach the airport on time never miss a flight.
A Quick Look at Deep Learning
A subset of machine learning, deep learning has been around since the middle of the last century, but started evolving rapidly since the early 21st century. Generative AI and ChatGPT have brought the focus back on it. We take a look at what deep learning is about and how it’s being used.
Developers- How To
Building a Cross-Platform Mobile Application with Flutter
Building a mobile application is a necessity for every business and choosing the right tech stack for building the app is always a challenge. With so many options available in the market, why choose Flutter? Let’s find out.
Developers- Let's Try
R Series: ‘dplyr’ Package
In this twenty-second article in the R, Statistics and Machine Learning series, we will continue on the exploration of handling text using the ‘dplyr’ package. This package is a grammar for data manipulation, and provides simple and fast functions to handle data frame-like objects.
Admin- How To
Building a Private Cloud Using OpenStack
OpenStack is a cloud computing platform that offers a suite of software tools for creating and maintaining both public and private clouds. It gives users the freedom to set up and control an unlimited number of virtual computers, networks, and storage devices. This short tutorial will show us how to set up a private cloud using OpenStack and launch a virtual machine over the deployed environment.
Admin- How To
Ansible AWX: The GUI Configuration Management Automation Tool You Will Love to Use
Ansible AWX is an open source community project that provides a web based user interface and API to manage an organisation’s Ansible playbooks, inventories, vaults, and credentials. It is an open source version of Ansible Tower. Ansible AWX makes Ansible simpler for IT teams that are not comfortable with command lines by providing a GUI version of Ansible. This article is a tutorial on how to install and configure it.
Admin- How To
Using ffmpeg for Intruder Protection in Linux
None of us want others intruding into our Linux machines. ffmpeg is a tool that can detect when someone is trying to get into our system. Let’s see how we can use it to secure ourselves from such unwanted invasions.
Admin- Insight
The Role of Network Function Virtualization in Telecom Infrastructure
This sixth article in the series on integration of network function virtualization (NFV) with the DevOps pipeline talks about the advantages of NFV and the best way to manage NFV infrastructure.
Admin- How To
Building Amazon Machine Images with HashiCorp Packer
HashiCorp Packer is an open source tool that helps to create identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source template. This article shows how to use this tool to build Amazon machine images or AMIs.
For U & Me-Interview
“For us, stability and scalability are the key aspects of open source platforms”
‘Open source is at the heart of what we do.’ — this is what Amadeus, a global technology provider for the travel industry, says on its website. Rahul Chopra and Vaishali Yadav of EFY Group recently interacted with Mani Ganeshan, global head of engineering, travel distribution and centre head at Amadeus Labs, to understand why open source is important for the company, and what has been done to move in this direction. Ganeshan also talked about the hiring trends and how emerging technologies have led to interesting use cases in the travel industry. Read on to know more…
For U & Me-Overview
What Digital Twins Bring to the Metaverse
The metaverse, where real life converges with the digital world, has given birth to many new age business models and use cases. Digital twins within the metaverse offer new ways of interacting with the real world. Let’s see how…

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June 2023
Issue Vol. 11 No. 8

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